1-TDC Dual Action Esterified Fatty Acid complex.

Derived from natural sources, 1-TetraDecanol Complex provides Superior response to osteoarthritis symptoms and periodontal inflammation.


120 capsules $60 

The 1-TetraDecanol Complex in 1-TDC Dual Action goes to work promoting recovery from inflammation common in joint and muscle conditions as well as periodontal disease: conditions that millions of pets in the US suffer from. In many cases, 1-TDC Dual Action can be the sole remedy for Arthritis and Periodontal inflammation in pets. Given daily (a 120 count bottle provides 4 months protection for large dogs), 1-TDC Dual Action works MUCH more effectively and MUCH more quickly (with results seen in as little as two weeks) than other products (Glucosamine/Chondroitin, DHA, EPA, MSM and other supplements). Safe, natural, effective and inexpensive, 1-TDC Dual Action may be used with other products, including products prescribed by your pet’s health care professional. In many cases, 1-TDC Dual Action can replace the need for other supplements and often works so well as to remove the need for prescription remedies. And pets love it! 1-TDC Dual Action is manufactured from US sourced natural beef-based products under regulated current Good Manufacturing Standards reserved for Pharmaceutical and Bioscience Industries.

1-TDC Pain-Relieving Cream


4 oz $22

16 oz $75

1-TDC® (1-TetraDecanol Complex) cream is a remarkable advance formula topical pain relieving cream that has been clinically tested to provide more effective joint health and lubrication. This is THE Fatty Acid Breakthrough!
•100% Natural
•True absorption, reaching deep into muscles and joints
•Paraben free
•Clinically tested
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