My Dogs and Me

Desiree is a nationally and internationally renowned handler and coach. She is admired for her assertive and smooth handling style and motivational teaching presence. Desiree has been successful with a range of dogs and breeds including her own Border Collies Stinger, Pace, Cru, and Siberian Husky T’ai.

Classes, Seminars, and Coaching

Desiree offers ongoing group classes, private and semi-private sessions, she holds seminars locally and in many parts of the U.S., overseas, and finally, she now offers online personalized coaching.


I offer a range of seminars from half-day to multi-day seminars on a range of topics. See the events list for upcoming seminar dates and locations.


I am the master agility instructor at It’s A Dog’s World Training and Agility Center in Sumner WA. See the Dog’s World Agility schedule for weekly class times.


I offer in-person and online personalized coaching and support for agility teams. With online coaching I will analyze competition or training videos and provide feedback in email and/or on Skype. I start with a goal setting exercise for each handler and come up with a training plan and recommendations tailored to meet the goals. Please fill in the form below if you are interested in personalized coaching.

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Keep up with Desiree’s latest news as she travels around the U.S. and the world teaching and competing.



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